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Muse style – Want to dress like Sienna?

Styling note, from Jennifer Schneider of The Loved Object Do you love the relaxed chic look that Sienna Miller seems to somehow always pull off effortlessly? Would you like to build a laid-back and timeless wardrobe uniform like Jennifer Aniston? How about flexing your casual/cool street cred like Emilia Clark’s off-duty style? I’ve designed two looks for each of these Vildnis muses showcasing how they achieve their looks, what pieces they would buy and why. Steal their tricks and use my tips to find which Vildnis pieces work best for your style and approach to getting dresses. Sienna Miller    Relaxed Chic, Effortless, LA Vibe Part of Sienna’s allure is her ability to create ensembles that suit her colouring, body...

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8 cool ethical & eco-friendly shoe brands that don’t compromise on style – either!

You may recall from my ‘New Year’s resolutions’ blog post, 2018 is the year where I am going to add at least one cool ethical & eco-friendly pairs of shoes to my collection! It may sound like an easy task with lots of brands sharing the same values as myself and VILDNIS, yet finding one that fits your style can be challenging. (not to mention the added complication of foot shape!) As with clothing, we use our footwear to express our identity and articulate which ‘tribe’ we belong to, which is why picking the right shoe brand that fits your individual style is important. Perhaps even more so as we tend to make even more of a statement when it comes to...

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Apples, seaweed and wine - nature's own materials are driving fabric innovation!

How often do you think about what you are wearing? Not how you have styled yourself…I am sure you look fabulous!... I am talking about what the clothes are made of. Imagine a skirt made from apples and a handbag made from wine. Yep, wine! As strange as it may sound, this will soon be reality. This week the 7th Future Fabrics Fair took place in London. Organised by the Sustainable Angle organisation, it showcased sustainable fabrics from mills all over the world to representatives from established and start-up fashion brands alike. In contrast to a more traditional fabric fair two week’s previously with very low footfall, it was amazing to walk into a packed room, buzzing with energy; and...

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Why changing to a sustainable pair of jeans can really make a difference

My grandmothers lived in a different time and never owned a pair of jeans. Apart from that, I am pretty sure that everyone in my circle of family, friends and acquaintances have at least 1 pair of jeans in their wardrobe. Personally, I have 6 - in line with the average of 6-7 per person as stated in the statistics from Statistic Brain Research Institute. No wonder that denim has the biggest market share in the fashion industry and that the annual number of jeans produced on a global scale is 1,240,000,000. Our love of denim jeans equals big business! Traditionally denim jeans are made from cotton, making them comfortable, breathable and durable. Each pair can last for years depending on style,...

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How to succeed with your New Year's resolutions

Do you have a list of New Year's resolutions? I do. It started 8 years ago as a mood board of things that I would like to achieve in my lifetime, when I realised that if I became crystal clear about my goals, I was much more likely to achieve them. Soon after, I started to break the end-goals (e.g. 'start my own business') down to smaller annual goals. As an example, 'start my own business' was broken down to part goals such as 'schedule sessions with a life coach' and 'complete a Master’s in Business Administration'. Each year at the end of December, I enjoy pulling my list out and marking off the goals that I have achieved in...

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