5 easy New Year’s resolutions that will minimise your environmental footprint

Having started as a small trend for a niche market, the sustainable fashion trend is now gaining traction FAST as we all recognise the need to change our habits and fight back at climate change and poor ethical practises.

As fashion consumers we are becoming much more aware of the impact our wardrobe has on workers and animals in the supply chain as well as on the planet, and that is why we a VILDNIS believe that 2019 will be the year of the Kind Female Spirit.

With Vogue Australia at the forefront, we are seeing a sharp rise in articles about ethical and eco-friendly fashion in women’s magazines across the globe, encouraging us fashionistas to start looking after all living organisms on a much bigger scale than previously.

Along the same lines, I ditched the usual ‘cut down on the sugar intake’ style New Year’s resolutions last year in favour of five resolutions that would bring me closer to a sustainable lifestyle. The result? Instead of failing on resolutions that didn’t impact anyone other than myself and the sugar manufacturers etc., I succeeded on five resolutions that all had a positive impact socially and/or environmentally.

Knowing that my actions mattered, made me go the extra mile, and I felt so much better for it which is why I am doing it again this year.

Want to join the Kind Female Spirit tribe and set yourself a handful of sustainable New Year’s resolutions, yet lack ideas? Listed below are my five 2019 resolutions for your inspiration, all designed to minimise my environmental footprint. 

1. Clean up a beach while on holiday. Doing good while wearing a bikini on a sunny beach – sounds like a winning combo to me :-)

2. Find a great eco-friendly nail varnish brand that offers a variety of fab colours. 

3. Cut back on meat from livestock either through incorporating more meat-free days into my diet or by replacing it with sustainably caught fish.

4. Save water by limiting at least three showers per week to five minutes. 

5. Leave any short-lived fashion trends behind (cycling shorts, anyone?) and instead invest in longer-lived trends that I will want to wear again next season.

And with these words, I wish you a magical & happy 2019 – and all the best of luck with your kind resolutions. I will keep you posted on mine…

Ulla xxx

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