5 New Year’s Resolutions that will minimise your carbon footprint in a sassy way

Dry January? Giving up the nasty refined sugar? Joining a boxing class?

Most of us have some kinds of New Year’s resolutions whether we want to admit it or not – and a lot of them are focused on ourselves. This is only natural, but at a time when the UN has declared a ‘global climate emergency’, we could do with more people including sustainability in their new year’s resolutions.

The thing is, it doesn’t have to be either or. We can easily set goals that have a positive impact on both the planet and how we look – without having to compromise. 

Every year I have been setting myself a handful of personal goals that have been taking me closer to leading a more sustainable lifestyle. I have deliberately chosen small achievable goals which have helped me change my mindset and create new habits, and slowly but surely, I am transforming my lifestyle.

After learning from the Ellen Macarthur Foundation that the fashion industry will use up to 25% of the world’s carbon budget in 2050 if nothing changes, I decided to focus this year’s resolutions entirely on fashion. 

Being the Founder of VILDNIS, I am already on a mission to fight climate change through fashion from a business point of view, so this is right up my street.

I know where to buy sustainable casual wear, but a fashion wardrobe contains many other components. For the past year or so, I have been transitioning to a true slow-fashion wardrobe of the kind with lots of timeless pieces that can be mixed in a myriads of outfits, and am facing a few challenges when it comes to filling the final gaps – some of which made it to the resolutions short list.

Below are my 5 new year’s resolutions for 2020 for your inspiration:

1. Get my hands on a rock’n’roll faux fur coat made from recycled fibres, channelling Kate Moss’ famous fur looks in a much more animal and planet friendly way (just because it’s faux, doesn’t mean it is sustainable)

2. Whether it’s jeans, t-shirts or socks, I am now officially putting a ban on buying anything made from conventional cotton including ‘better cotton’. In the future, I will only buy organic cotton.

3. Find at least one cool sustainable yoga-wear brand offering printed opaque leggings made from eco-friendly fibres – and support them next time my leggings need replacing.

4. Cut back on my impulse jewellery buys, and when I do buy something new, either buy second hand jewellery or support ethical jewellery brands who care about their supply chain.

5. Find a pair of sassy sustainable black high heels. These are the kind of heels that are necessary in every woman’s wardrobe and always work with an outfit (I have had a gap there ever since I gifted mine to my sister). Ethically made from eco-friendly materials, of course.

And finally, I am going to continue spreading the word about why it’s important that we buy sustainable fashion and continue championing sustainable brands, be it VILDNIS or other brands whom I believe deserve a mention. If we all share the message with our friends, family, neighbours and colleagues, we will get the ball rolling so much faster.

I wish you all a fab Happy New Year! Let’s make 2020 a year of real positive change :-)

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