A step in the right direction; our Founder reflects on her sustainable goals

This year more than ever it became apparent that the people who are going to save the planet from climate change are you, me and millions of school children. Not our politicians.

As citizens of this world and as consumers, we have the opportunity to turn things around through making changes to our lifestyle and breaking with convention.

My journey towards leading a more sustainable lifestyle started for real in 2014, although I have been passionate about saving the planet since my early teens. Since 2014, I have set myself a handful of sustainability related goals each year. They are all relatively small steps, but combined they will make a difference.

As 2019 is coming to an end, I am taking some time out to reflect on how I did on my 2019 sustainable resolutions:

  1. Organising a holiday beach clean up

I am going to start with an epic fail, the holiday beach clean-up. Honestly, I am not sure which planet I was on when I decided I was going to organise a beach clean-up while on holiday. Running a business is a more than a fulltime job – it’s 24/7.  As such, when I find myself on a beach with a few hours to spare, I am treating myself to a proper break and only collect the rubbish that I can reach lying flat on my towel.

Lesson learnt: organising a beach clean-up is a brilliant idea as long as it isn’t a holiday activity. I will revisit this idea in a different shape in the future…

  1. Finding an eco-friendly nail polish

I LOVE nail polish! Some might even suggest I’m addicted to it. It’s such an easy way to add extra sass to an outfit; to make a pair of basic black jeans and a t-shirt look rock’n’roll. Unfortunately, it’s a super toxic habit and finding a nail polish that is better for the planet (and my own health) has been top of my list for a long time… AND it finally happened in 2019! Unwilling to compromise on style and colour, it wasn’t enough for me that the nail polish was eco-friendly. Kure Bazaar https://kurebazaar.com/en/home.html ticks all the boxes; lots of fab colours and few toxins. My favourite colours at the moment are Bohemian and Khaki <3

  1. Increasing the number of meat free days

Hello new favourite dish: Shakshuka! Achieving the meat-free-days goal was difficult, but once my husband and I had identified a handful of vegetarian dishes that were easy to make, made us feel full and contained sufficient protein, we were off. The Shakshuka is a great example of an easy every-day vegetarian dish with tomato, spinach and egg being the main ingredients. Yum. No doubt 2020 will bring a further increase in the weekly meat free days in our household.

  1. Save water through changed showering habits

Nothing better than a long hot shower on a cold winter day!  Or at least that is how it used to be... Now I am trying to be better and limit my time in the shower, and this year I managed to break the habit of showering every day as well as showering for around 10 mins at a time. Unless I have been to a particularly sweaty session at the gym, I am now limiting my showers to every other day. And not only that, I have managed to cut back on the time spent with the water running by changing my habits slightly such as turning off the water when scrubbing etc. [insert angel emoji here!]

The unexpected benefit: my hairdresser keeps commenting on how much healthier my hair looks.   

  1. Leave any short-lived fashion trends behind

Nailed it! Yes, I actually managed to steer clear of ALL of 2019’s short-lived fashion trends and I am pretty proud of it because 10 years ago it would have been a VERY different picture (although I would never have worn cycling shorts, just for the record) Call me a recovering fast fashion addict…

Apart from a couple of items, all of my 2019 fashion purchases were from sustainable brands/collections, including VILDNIS, and all of them were items that I can use over and over again for years to come.

Bottom line, I managed to succeed on four of my five goals and I feel damn good about it. It’s easy to dwell on the one failure, but it’s all about perspective; I have just taken four steps in the right direction.



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