How to succeed with your New Year's resolutions

Do you have a list of New Year's resolutions?

I do. It started 8 years ago as a mood board of things that I would like to achieve in my lifetime, when I realised that if I became crystal clear about my goals, I was much more likely to achieve them.
Soon after, I started to break the end-goals (e.g. 'start my own business') down to smaller annual goals. As an example, 'start my own business' was broken down to part goals such as 'schedule sessions with a life coach' and 'complete a Master’s in Business Administration'.

Each year at the end of December, I enjoy pulling my list out and marking off the goals that I have achieved in the year just gone. Usually I can tick off around 90%, and I attribute completion of such a high percentage of my goals to the fact that they are bite-sized (well, admittedly the MBA was more like a huge mouthful ;-)) and feel attainable.
The things I don't succeed with are, and I quote, "stop eating chocolate" and "stop buying new clothes”. The minute I start denying myself something, it becomes hard. I am sure a psychologist would have something interesting to say about that...

In 2017, I finally reached the point where one of my yearly goals was to launch my own sustainable fashion brand. What a fantastic whirlwind of a year it has been! I am incredibly grateful for the warm reception you, our customers and followers, have given VILDNIS. Thank you for supporting us on our mission to show the world that fashion can be ethical and eco-friendly without compromising on style.

Unlike most businesses, who traditionally measure their success solely on profits, VILDNIS operates with a triple bottom line, measuring our success on no less than three areas: people, planet and profit. To do so, we set ourselves long and short-term goals in each area, exactly the same way as I set my own personal goals. So far, we are on track to meet at least 95% of those we set ourselves for our first year in business, and we still have a few more months to go. A report on our progress will be published on VILDNIS' first birthday in May.

Meanwhile, here are a handful of my personal 2018 New Years resolutions for your inspiration:

  1. Find at least one cool sustainable footwear brand that complements my style and give their boots/shoes a try
  2. Increase my meat free days per week to two (including fish – we rarely eat red meat these days)
  3. Minimise my impulse shopping by waiting 24 hours after seeing something I think I cannot live without, and then asking myself ‘do I really need this?’ before buying
  4. Carbon offset all flights that I take during the year
  5. Find an organic shampoo that works with my hair (difficult!), making my transition to solely using sustainable body/face/hair products complete

Whether I will succeed with these resolutions or not relies to some extent on the availability of suitable footwear and shampoo. At this moment I feel confident given sustainable living is gaining in popularity and new brands reaching the market frequently. Watch this space for an update early 2019…

I wish you all a magical 2018. 
Ulla xxx

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