Costa Rica - the inspiration for our first collection

Which country is your favourite travel destination in the world? 

With a planet so abundant with stunningly beautiful places, it can be difficult to pinpoint which one is your favourite. Still, there is one destination that has a special place in my heart, Costa Rica, and this is where we found inspiration for our first collection.  

Costa Rica has everything we love: wild and unspoiled bounty beaches, lush green rain forests, breath-taking volcanoes, some of the world’s best surf spots, and the greatest density of species in the world. Oh, to sit on a Costa Rican beach just now soaking up the sun and watching the waves roll in...

Anyway, back to Costa Rica and the reason why we find it so inspirational. The two things that set the country apart from other countries is the love and care that the Costa Ricans show towards their nature, and a truly unique joie de vivre, or 'pura vida' as they say!

No doubt, these two things have contributed to their ranking as the world no. 1 on the Happy Planet Index, an index that measures "how well nations are doing in achieving long happy sustainable lives". 

And as a true leader and inspiration, Costa Rica has set as its goal to become carbon neutral by 2021. In 2015, 99% of its energy came from renewable sources. If only other countries followed their example! Every country has its own struggles though, and while Costa Rica is truly inspirational on many areas, it still has some work to do on income equality. 

We found our inspiration for the collection in the vibrant atmosphere of the mangroves in Tortuguero, in the colourful wildlife, in the black sand and swaying palm trees at Playa Negra, and in that special feeling of freedom you experience when standing on the top of a mountain. 

Life is wonderful, enjoy it!


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