Minimising our packaging footprint...

Remember that special feeling of excitement when receiving a parcel from your favourite fashion brand and unwrapping your new purchases?

While some retailers still keep it fairly simple with a transparent plastic bag, other retailers go to great lengths to delight their customers with beautiful bespoke packaging: gorgeous boxes inside boxes, luxurious perfume scented tissue paper, sleek paper bags, bespoke canvas bags and sometimes even small presents!

The more we, as customers, get used to this, the more it takes to delight us. Before we know it, something that used to delight us has become the norm, and our favourite brands have to come up with something even more spectacular. It is a vicious circle.

Every day we throw out huge amounts of packaging in our households. Most of it comes from grocery shopping and online shopping. Some of it is recycled. A lot of it ends up in landfill. Most of it is unnecessary. 

One thing that always strikes me when visiting developing countries, is how great their shopping habits are for the environment. People doing their grocery shopping at the local markets, taking their own bags/containers and filling them with the exact amounts of fresh produce that they need. No food waste and no plastic waste.

We consider ourselves as coming from developed countries, but perhaps we are the ones that need to develop? 

As a newly launched fashion brand, we have discussed VILDNIS' packaging at lengths. While it is important for us to give you, the customer, the best possible experience, it is equally important to keep the packaging at a minimal level; and to make sure that the packaging we use is sustainable. 

We settled on five packaging components: a bespoke printed tissue paper, a printed sticker, a returns form, a small A5 insert about the brand and finally the mailing bag. All made in recycled materials - with no compromises on style!

Easy on the eyes and easy on the conscience, as we say :-) 



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