6 online magazines that will keep you happy and inspire a more sustainable lifestyle

How do you stay positive at a time like this when you have to #stayhome and the news are flooded with stories about the COVID-19 virus?

Socialising with other people, experiencing new things and being outside is such a big part of our daily lives, and it is easy to get slightly depressed and losing motivation when we are unable to carry out many of our normal activities.

I have kept myself busy with zoom drinks & pub quizzes, macramé, reading and working (from home). In some ways I have really enjoyed the slowing down of society; the cleaner air, the sense of community and unity, and the extra time to enjoy the little things.
In other ways, I am finding that the constant stream of devastating news is getting to me, and at times like that I turn to my favourite online magazines who inspire a sustainable lifestyle and a positive outlook.

Don’t get me wrong; I think it is really important to stay updated, follow the government advise and do everything we possibly can to protect those at high risk, but there is only so much I can take when it comes to heart-breaking stories before it starts affecting my mental health.

There will be a life after this crisis and now is a good time to start thinking about what that life should look like and take the opportunity to change our habits to be more sustainable; to be better and kinder to the planet.

At the moment we are witnessing first-hand what a tremendous positive impact it has on the planet when we seize doing some of our usual daily activities. Let’s learn from this. (More about that in my next blog post)

Below is a list of my favourite online magazines for your inspiration; the magazines that are keeping me mentally sane with positive stories and feeding me lots of info about sustainable living while I am being holed up at home.


Online Magazines that inspire a more sustainable lifestyle - Pebble Magazine

Normally, the weekly Pebble Magazine newsletter lands in my inbox on a Friday, packed with lots of ideas for sustainable travel, food, fashion, beauty and more. I have been a subscriber for a couple of years now, and have discovered many cool sustainable hacks through this platform. Thanks to them, I have planted bee friendly wild flowers on my balcony, sponsored a tree in Kenya and found inspiration for eco-friendly holidays.

During the Covid-19 lock down, Pebble Mag is sending daily newsletters to keep the spirits up. When the country is not on lock down, they are also organising Pebble Festivals in real life to promote an all-round sustainable lifestyle.
Read about ‘The best natural and organic hand creams available online’, ’20 ways to stay happy and healthy in the lock down’ and ‘Top 10 climate change documentaries to watch at home’ among other things.


Online sustainable magazines that inspire a more sustainable lifestyle - The Good Trade

With an abundance of articles and an aesthetically pleasing look, there is little wonder that L.A. based The Good Trade has more than 100.000 readers on their mailing list. They are possibly the biggest online resource and community for sustainability, slow living and self-love, and new articles are added daily.

I love their fashion section; current and well researched. At the time of writing this blog post, while working from my kitchen table at home, they have just published an article with the headline ‘Ethical Edit: 6 organic cotton leggings we’re wearing at home’ and I am immediately drawn to it (although making a conscious effort to maintain a relatively stylish look – even on lock down). Other time-relevant articles include ’99 ways to add mindfulness to your day’ and ‘7 zero waste & sustainable toilet paper alternatives’.

Furniture, beauty, mindfulness, period products; they have sustainable suggestions ready for nearly everything we need in our wardrobes, homes and lives. And while a lot of the brands they mention in their edits are American, they always include brands who offer worldwide shipping, as well as featuring brands from other parts of the world, like VILDNIS.

They offer both a weekly and a daily good newsletter, so there is plenty of opportunity to get some great tips about sustainable living and feel-good brands straight to your inbox.


Online magazines that inspire a sustainable lifestyle - BicBim

BicBim is the UK’s ethical lifestyle directory, inspiring their readers to live a more sustainable life through a series of straight talking and informative articles that always have the finger on the pulse and never compromise on style.

As well as offering a guide to ethical UK fashion brands, the website also contains a guide to ethical London-based restaurants. However, if you live elsewhere than London, there is still plenty of inspiration to find like the guide on where to buy ethically made food online, and articles such as ‘English wines; natural, sustainable and vegan’ and ‘Ethical underwear; the best UK brands laid bare’.

At the time of writing, the Founder of BicBim is preparing to launch a new online universe with even more inspiration for sustainable living. Sign up for the newsletter now at livefrankly.co.uk and be amongst the first to know when it goes live!


Online magazines that inspire a sustainable lifestyle - Be Kind Magazine

Be Kind is actually a beautiful paper magazine available in many supermarkets across the UK and the kind of magazine I would be proud to have on display when my friends come to visit (once society has reopened!). It is, however, also an online platform where we can find articles about how to be kind to the planet, to ourselves and to others.

I love the articles in the community section in particular, such as ‘7 acts of kindness to try today’ – just what we need right now. Also, check out the ‘Go green with your spring clean article’ and ‘Easy ways to feel connected when you are on lock down’.


Online magazines that inspire a sustainable lifestyle - Luxiders

Luxiders is an online magazine for sustainable fashion. You can either access the beautiful editorials and articles for free on the website, or you can purchase a digital magazine and feed your mind with stunning imagery.

Created for the mindful luxury lover, the online magazines’s primary focus is on high-end fashion and design, yet it offers sustainable hacks for an all-round mindful lifestyle.

My favourite articles at the moment are; ‘How to design your sustainable home’, How will the Covid 19 lock down affect our fashion trends’ and ‘Why we need to eat more fermented foods’ (spoiler alert: good for our immune systems!)

Eluxe magazine

Online magazines that inspire a sustainable lifestyle - Eluxe Magazine

Eluxe Magazine is both a quarterly paper magazine and a website, dedicated to showcase luxury brands that demonstrate a strong commitment to sustainability.
Like most of the other platforms mentioned in this blog post, Eluxe offers a 360-degree approach to sustainability, addressing all areas of our life including fashion, food recipes, travel and people.

My favourite articles this week are; ‘7 decluttering tips to make small spaces count’, ‘Fine vintages; the best online designer vintage shops’ and ‘7 tips for working better from home’.
Oh, and don’t forget to check out ‘Eluxe’s list of the 15 sexiest vegan men alive’- it’s guaranteed to brighten up your day ;-)

Stay healthy & happy reading,


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