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10 easy tips on how to be a (more) sustainable tourist AND enjoy your holiday

Fashion and travelling: two of my biggest passions, and two industries that are generally unsustainable at present. I have a strong belief though that if we change our behaviours overall to be more responsible/sustainable, then we can continue enjoying the things we like, and feel good about it. As a result, VILDNIS’ mission is to replace the unsustainable practises in the fashion industry with a more responsible (yet equally stylish) new norm. This also goes for travelling, and ironically the more responsible our travels are, the more beautiful our travel destinations will be. That’s surely worth a shot, isn’t it?Below is my take on how we can be more responsible tourists and get more out of the holiday at the...

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Costa Rica - the inspiration for our first collection

Which country is your favourite travel destination in the world?  With a planet so abundant with stunningly beautiful places, it can be difficult to pinpoint which one is your favourite. Still, there is one destination that has a special place in my heart, Costa Rica, and this is where we found inspiration for our first collection.   Costa Rica has everything we love: wild and unspoiled bounty beaches, lush green rain forests, breath-taking volcanoes, some of the world’s best surf spots, and the greatest density of species in the world. Oh, to sit on a Costa Rican beach just now soaking up the sun and watching the waves roll in... Anyway, back to Costa Rica and the reason why we find...

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Do you have to compromise on style to be sustainable?

Have you ever thought about changing your fashion buying habits to buying sustainable (ethical and/or eco-friendly) fashion only?  I did. A holiday in Borneo some years ago touched me deeply and inspired me to change my shopping habits. Borneo is one of the most beautiful places on the planet: white sandy beaches with clear turquoise waters, rain forests with an abundance of wild life, mangroves and impressive mountains. But it also has a darker side: the palm oil industry constantly expanding, deforesting and ruining wild life habitats. However much I love Nutella, upon our return to the UK I decided to make some changes to my grocery shopping habits and stop buying products with palm oil. Apart from having to ditch the incredibly...

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