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Did summer end in June?

Growing up in Denmark, summers to me meant long light evenings, bare feet in the grass, koldskål (a delicious butter milk dessert), strawberries from the garden and trips to the beach.  The 23rd of June is the day we gather with friends and family around a bonfire and sing traditional songs to celebrate midsummer, one of the longest of days.  Since this day is considered the middle of season, it follows that summer lasts from early May till early August. Indeed, having lived in London for many years, we are fortunate to enjoy warm weather usually well into September.  You are probably wondering where I am going with this and what it has to do with fashion. Have you ever...

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Made in Portugal with love

Ever wondered who made your clothes?  Chances are, if you are wearing some of VILDNIS' Tencel or organic cotton pieces, it is made by Josef or one of the eleven local women working for him.  While in Portugal visiting our suppliers last week, we passed by Josef, one of the subcontractors that we indirectly work with. As described in our previous blog, many garment factories outsource some of their production to subcontractors to manage peaks and lows in production better. Oftentimes its at this stage retailers lose the overview of their supply chain.  At VILDNIS, while only one of our three manufacturers outsource the production of our garments, part of our mission is to scrutinise our subcontractors as diligently as we would...

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Is cotton good for you and the planet?

We all want to make the best possible choices in our daily lives, but do you also find it difficult sometimes to know what the best option is? Cotton is one of the most popular fibres in the textile industry, providing jobs for millions of people across the world. Plucked directly from the cotton plant and being processed mechanically, it is as natural as it comes. It is soft, breathable and very comfortable to wear next to your skin.  Therefore, surely, cotton must be great for us and for the planet? Traditionally, cotton fabrics have certainly been perceived as the better choice in terms of the environment and our comfort, as opposed to synthetic fibres with a rocky reputation.  Unfortunately, cotton...

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