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How my New Year’s resolutions brought me closer to a sustainable lifestyle this year

A truly sustainable lifestyle requires some serious effort and a fair number of compromises. For many of us, me included, this feels like too tough a task. That said, there are steps I feel I can continue to take to move towards a more sustainable lifestyle while still doing the things we all love the most. So, this time last year, I used my New Year’s resolutions to bring me closer to a more ethical and eco-friendlier lifestyle. I have always held myself accountable by writing my New Year’s resolutions down, but this year I felt even more so having shared them with you on this blog.  As 2018 draws to an end, I have found a quiet corner to...

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6 stunning eco resorts for your bucket list

You are wearing the sustainable T-shirt, using organic beauty products, and you send single use plastic evil eyes, but what about your travelling habits, are they sustainable? Part of what spurred me on to start my own business was actually seeing how we, as tourists, impact local environments. In recent months I have come across several articles about beautiful places across the globe that have been ruined due to over-tourism. A great example is the Maya Bay in Phi Phi Islands (Thailand), which is currently closed to tourists to give the coral reef a bit of breathing space. When open, the small bay is visited by 5000 people a day – and has been for years. It is just one...

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Why the world needs circular economy in fashion

Three… the number of days I have worked on this blog post, trying to make it easy breezy. At some point I even scrapped it and started working on ’10 lush eco resorts that will make you wanderlusting’… But I felt compelled to write this since I want to do more to ensure that long into the future we all continue to enjoy clean drinking water, fresh air (freshish if you live in a big city;-)), lush forests, snowcapped mountains and stunningly beautiful beaches; things we currently take for granted. A Worrying ProblemAccording to recent figures released by the UN (March 2018), the “$2.5 trillion-dollar (approx. £1.8 trillion) fashion industry is the second highest user of water worldwide, producing 20%...

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Mind the carbon footprint

Do you also love to jet around the world and explore all its wonders? You are not alone. As reported by BBC1, today is likely to be a record breaking day with more than 8800 flights crossing the UK air space, and the government is now discussing how they can increase air space capacity in the future. Since the introduction of low cost airlines, air travel has increased considerably2 and flights tickets are now competitive with train and ferry tickets. However, according to an EU press release2, “someone flying from London to New York and back generates roughly the same level of emissions as the average person in the EU does by heating their home for a whole year”. Eeekk! Obviously...

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