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What is greenwashing and how to spot it

The Vildnis team has been nice girls and boys for a long time but, having just received an invite to a prestigious conference where the keynote speaker on sustainable fashion is from one of the UK’s most unethical fashion brands, it’s time for us to call bullshit…...We need to talk about greenwashing. What exactly is it, you may ask. According to Cambridge Dictionary, greenwashing is “an attempt to make people believe that your company is doing more to protect the environment than it really is.'' And at the moment it is happening all over the fashion industry as everyone is scrambling around to get onto the sustainable fashion ‘trend’. First, a little credit to those major conventional fashion brands that...

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How our long-term vision influenced our choice of packaging materials

As a small sustainable fashion brand, we love engaging with you, our customers, and getting feedback as it helps us tailor our products to your needs. This is also the reason why we were really happy to correspond with a number of customers recently regarding alternatives to the outer packaging we are using; our grey plastic mailing bags. It may sound strange that a sustainable fashion brand ships its orders in plastic, albeit 100% recycled plastic, and I would like to share the reasons why with you. One of the things that we have learned on the road to building a sustainable fashion brand is that there are few truly sustainable options at the moment when it comes to materials....

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