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Anyone who has been doing any kind of outdoor training, skiing or snowboarding will probably agree with me that merino wool is one of the best – if not THE best – fibre when it comes to wicking moisture and keeping you warm – as well as keeping you cosy during the winter months. I genuinely love every single merino wool item that I own*- be it base layers, socks or jumpers - and naturally wanted to use the fibre for the newly launched Jinhae knit jumper. Unfortunately, there is some controversy surrounding wool production, which is why we chose a very soft fine Italian yarn made from 100% recycled merino wool fibres – and according to the Italian mill...

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How to be a mindful consumer this Black Friday

Black Friday is here, the biggest consumer day of the year. Last year, UK consumers spent an estimated £1.4 billion on Black Friday buying everything from fashion to tech and food, and this year the spend is estimated to be even higher. Shopping fashion makes many of us happy. It increases our sense of belonging to the on-trend fashion tribe and, in that moment, we sense our purchase to be the missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle to complete the look and convey our inner self to others, which in turn could lead to landing that dream job, strengthening our relationships with friends and, just maybe, attract the attention of that special someone. It’s all very enticing. And importantly, socially,...

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Chile – the inspiration behind our AW18 collection

Can you believe how amazing this summer has been weather-wise? I just want it to continue forever, yet at the same time I am excited about the temperature dropping and the seasons changing; it is my cue to pack the summer clothes away and dust off my winter wardrobe. Even though I have had some of the items in my wardrobe for more than 10 (yes, ten!) years, I still get excited about reuniting with them after 6 months apart. It’s all about keeping them looking interesting by adding a few new pieces each season and styling them in different ways. This season builds on that principle, and hence we have focused on items that really stand out and make...

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Meeting other people who are equally passionate about making positive changes to the norms in the fashion industry is always exciting. Recently I had a memorable encounter with someone who is hugely influential in the UK when it comes to driving such change and we ended up having an interesting discussion about the use of recycled polyester and how eco-friendly this fibre actually is. I am a big advocate of circular economy in fashion; to reduce, reuse and recycle resources over and over again for different purposes. This includes using recycled polyester (RPET) made from recycled plastic bottles. In my view, we have already introduced a certain amount of plastic into the world and given that it will take 100s...

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Recycled Fashion – how to get involved and reduce your environmental impact in 4 easy ways

You have got the recycling of household waste nailed-ish, but what about fashion? This week is RECYCLE WEEK in the UK, encouraging us all to step up our recycling game and reduce our environmental impact. With 300.000 tonnes of clothing ending up in landfill in the UK every year, there is definitely some room for improvement when it comes to recycled fashion, which is why I have listed 4 easy steps that you can take to help preserve all the magical places on the planet. 1. RECYCLE YOUR OLD CLOTHESRather than throwing them in the bin, recycle your old clothes by using the clothing recycling bins provided by your council. True, currently we can only reuse certain fibres and none...

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