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The importance of promoting a healthy and real body image

Recently I have spent a lot of time going through model portfolios to select a model for our upcoming Christmas campaign. Booking models is a new experience for me and it sparked some thoughts on size and retouching. Two years ago, the Danish fashion magazine Cover used a young model that was far too thin in an editorial. It sparked outrage on social media with people quickly naming the scandal #covergate and demanding that the editor be sacked. It appears that, at no point did anyone raise concerns about whether it was ethical and morally sound to use a visibly underweight model in a magazine directed at teenage girls/young women. The model agency was also challenged on why they had not encouraged...

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Sustainable, Fairtrade, Slow fashion… What do they all mean?

Sustainable fashion is a trend on the rise with consumers becoming increasingly aware of the damaging practises in the fashion industry and starting to shop more responsibly. As a customer, once you enter this world, you realise that each brand has its own take on being good to the planet, people and animals. Slow Fashion, Eco Friendly, Ethical Fashion etc – there are many terms and oftentimes they are used interchangeably. We have created a quick guide below to explain the individual terms, how they relate to each other and what their associated brands stand for. Artisan Artisan products, are wholly or partially made by hand. Think beautiful hand embroidery, hand knitted clothing, handmade leather bags and jewellery etc. Typically,...

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Who inspires you?

Who inspires you? Who are your role models? On a personal level, several people have inspired me throughout my life, from childhood through to the current day. They are all people with a solid set of good moral values and open minds. People who care about and respects other humans, animals and nature. On a professional level, there are a dozen people that I admire and view as my role models. These are people who, along with a good moral compass, have a great desire to make the world a better place and the courage to act on that desire. They span wide from renowned leaders such as Barack Obama and Al Gore, to a former Indian supplier who put...

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7 ethical and eco friendly jewellery brands

I will be honest with you; my jewellery collection is a mixed bag. In amongst it all are treasured vintage pieces from my grandmothers, on-trend high street jewellery, beautiful gold and silver pieces with gemstones from my family and friends, bracelets and necklaces with symbols of calm & strength, cool items from street markets in NYC and London, pieces that were handmade by my friend, and my most treasured item: my bespoke engagement ring, the centrepiece of which is the diamond from my mother-in-law’s ring. While very different in terms of style, they all fit my personality and individual look, showing a different side of me depending on the day and mood. Apart from the recycled stone in my engagement...

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Why is ethical fashion important?

Do you know who made your clothes? With the aim of improving the working conditions for fashion workers across the globe, the Fashion Revolution movement is urging consumers to ask their favourite brands “who made my clothes?”. The placards illustrate the need for transparency in the fashion industry to overcome poor working conditions and unethical practises throughout the supply chain.In response, fashion brands with an ethical stance post pictures of workers holding placards saying “I made your clothes”.The images are largely symbolic. Small brands producing garments in an artisan way may be able to post an image of the person who hand embroidered your dress. However, this one smiling face does not truly represent the reality in which there are...

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