Costa Rica inspires our eco friendly collection - VILDNIS


Nature, wildlife and different cultures are among the things that most inspire VILDNIS designs We are fascinated by animals with beautiful colours, patterns and shapes. We are stopped in our tracks by stunning scenery and love exploring nature with our cameras to capture intricate patterns on flora, fauna and water.
As restorative as it is to step away from society, we are equally stimulated and inspired by different cultures and revel in finding people and places that take us out of our comfort zone. When we travel, we endeavour to live like the locals and absorb their mindset in order to enrich our own.
VILDNIS’ first collection, designed for Spring/Summer 2017, is inspired by Costa Rica – a country that blew us away with its diverse scenery ranging from smoking volcanoes to lush rainforests to deserted beaches.
As the country with the world’s greatest density of species in the world, it was brimming with birds, crocodiles, dragonflies, monkeys and many other sources of inspiration for our seasonal prints; Mangrove Fever and Free As A Bird.
Costa Ricans certainly have the spirit to match their magical surrounds. Locals live by the expression ‘Pura Vida’, which best translates to English as follows: 'life is beautiful, enjoy it'.
Despite nationwide inequality in income and noticeable poverty, the country ranks number one on the Happy Planet Index. Wherever our Costa Rican adventures took us, we were struck by the locals’ rare love for life and nature.
The slogan ‘keep it green’ is everywhere. Costa Ricans fully appreciate the wonderful places they inhabit, and they show their respect by leading the way in environmental protection. In fact, an incredible 99% of their electricity is produced using renewable resources.
If we could travel back to one place in our lifetime, we’d already be halfway to Costa Rica!