After the successful adventure of launching our debut collection, inspired by Costa Rica, this time we look north to Finland. Stretching to the most northerly point of western Europe, we think Finland is the continent’s crown jewel in more ways than one. Its impressive geography – featuring 188,000 lakes and more than 70,000 islands – is best explored on foot, with most treks taking you through magical untouched forest which makes up over 70% of the country.

At VILDNIS we feel most ‘found’ when we permit ourselves to get lost in the world around us. It is no coincidence that our seasonal prints were born from quiet reflections over the shapes, sounds and colours of Finland’s forest floors and the vastness of the starry night illuminating the way to Lapland.

That peaceful retreat away from civilisation rewards Finland with more than its spectacular skies – according to the Environmental Performance Index the nation is ranked number one in the world with the cleanest air in Europe and the purest tap water in its capital Helsinki.

Protecting the natural world is the collective responsibility and pleasure of the Finnish people, who take pride in the official ‘Everyman’s Right’ promoting freedom to roam the forests as you please. VILDNIS was fascinated to learn that access to spa facilities follows closely behind in priority, with the population of just 5.4 million laying claim to an astonishing 3 million private saunas. A fun bit of trivia, yes, but clearly the Finnish don’t treat their R&R as trivial.

We hope this collection enables to you to sample the simple luxuries inspired by Finland – the plush feel of husky-like faux furs on your skin, the rich greens of the pine forest marking a departure from summer brights, the clearest of constellations and crunch of autumnal leaves lifting and texturising versatile new season neutrals.

Of course, a winter collection wouldn’t be complete without allusion to the fairytale Father of Christmas and his helpful elves creating still more magic in the Arctic Circle. We think our luxe modern knits are just the trick to let your imagination wander.