For VILDNIS’ AW20 collection, we went a bit off script, as we sometimes like to do.

If you've never been to Indonesia, let our latest collection transport you to this incredibly beautiful country filled with lush rainforest, crystal clear waters, mountains, dramatic waterfalls and diverse animal population. It is truly stunning, but like fashion, behind the beautiful exterior hides some critical environmental issues.

Home to around 20% of the world's coral reefs, Indonesia is one of the world's richest nations when it comes to biodiversity. Sadly, little is being done to preserve the country's natural treasures. The world’s largest supplier of palm oil, the country is home to large-scale deforestation. Magnificent animals are critically endangered as a result - the Sumatran elephant, orangutan, rhino and tiger.

And while a lot of Indonesia's air pollution stems from deforestation fires, some of it is also a result of the country's growing reliance on coal. While many countries are moving away from this fossil fuel, Indonesia is aiming to double consumption from 2018 to 2027. This is not surprising given that Indonesia has the highest percentage (18%) of climate deniers in the rich world.*

Add to all this an over-exploitation of marine resources, sea pollution and water pollution due to domestic waste, and Indonesia has suddenly dropped off our bucket list.

By using our latest collection to focus on this amazingly beautiful yet environmentally troubled country, we are hoping to draw attention to the issues and contribute positively to conservation in Indonesia.

On a human level, we love how 300 ethnic groups live ‘under the same roof’; the close-knit family patterns, vast number of traditions and colourful celebrations. And we are drawn to the hedonistic, care-free lifestyle, especially on Bali, which is why we hope to help turn things around and soon add the country back onto our bucket list.

This capsule’s Indo Print was inspired by the traditional Indonesian batik patterns and bold red and golden colours used in traditional paintings. The Wild Tiger print was naturally inspired by the endangered Sumatran tiger and its stunning patterns. We feel very strongly about protecting this majestic animal from extinction, so we are donating 10% of all Wild Tiger print style sales to WWF’s ‘adopt a tiger’ programme.

This is a collection that truly allows you to buy with your head and your heart.