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Welcome to VILDNIS, our fashion wilderness for truly sustainable fashion. 

I got my first job in fashion in the year 2000, as a Buying Assistant in womenswear. It was an exciting time; working closely with designers to create new shapes, choosing beautiful fabrics and prints, and meeting suppliers from all over the world. Soon after, I started travelling to far-away countries, visiting factories and negotiating prices, and before I knew it, I was Head of Product for Britain’s leading high-end activewear brand, based in London.

Over the years, I witnessed both the strengths of the industry and the devastating practises it has cultivated around the world. 

I loved my job and I loved fashion. But, there was only so much knowledge about pollution, poor treatment of workers and animal cruelty I could take. 

I knew fashion could be so much better – without compromising on style – and after 16 years of working for other brands, I was fired up and ready to rebel against the current unsustainable norms in the industry. It was time to launch VILDNIS. 

Wanting to keep the business close to the heart, I founded the company with my sister Line, my husband Francis and our friend Mark, in spring 2017. At VILDNIS, we all feel strongly about businesses taking responsibility for their environmental, social and economic impact – and we all want to make a positive contribution to the world.

Having grown up just outside one of the largest cities in Denmark, surrounded by fields, forests and the crashing waves of the sea, the love of wild nature has always been deeply ingrained in me. As well as proudly being one of the ‘happiest countries in the world’, Denmark is also a frontrunner in sustainability. Freedom, fairness, honesty, responsibility and protection of the environment are part of the national DNA – and, naturally, also part of VILDNIS’ values. 

The name VILDNIS means ‘wilderness’ or ‘wildness’ in Danish. It reflects both our connection with nature and our wild, carefree style – always considered, never polished. 

And in this spirit of being wild and rebelling against convention, the VILDNIS goal is to inspire change. 

By adopting innovative and truly responsible practices while delivering stylish collections, we will take sustainable fashion from a trendy buzzword to status quo. Our dream is that one day we won’t need to talk about sustainable fashion, simply fashion.  

Thanks for stopping by. Thanks for making more ethical fashion choices. Thanks for helping us to create the change we all want to see in the world.

Ulla Vitting Richards x


Mark is a nice guy. 


This is Line. She is diverse. 


Francis looks ready to go skateboarding. Francis is cool. 


Ulla made all this happen. She might be supernatural.