VILDNIS designs are inspired by the planet’s beauty in all her wildness.

We are nature lovers often stopped in our tracks by stunning scenery and our wild patterns are in gratitude of nature’s flora, fauna and water. Wildlife informs our animal prints in all their gorgeous colours, patterns and shapes.

As restorative as it is to step away from city life, we are equally stimulated and inspired by different cultures and their way of living. We love to travel, forever seeking “authentic” experiences that enable us to broaden our horizons by learning from other cultures and sharing our knowledge with theirs.

We revel in discovering people and places that take us out of our comfort zone and teach us how to live more sustainably and in better tune with nature.

Our stories are the sum of our design inspiration, a deep appreciation of the natural world and our carefree sustainable lifestyle. 

Each story contains a curated selection of products and prints that relates directly to the theme. 

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Inspired by Indonesia
Inspired by Denmark
Inspired by Chile
Inspired by California
Inspired by Finland
Inspired by Costa Rica