Elastane is a synthetic fibre made of polyester and polyurethane - ultimately petroleum and coal. As with the production of polyester, the process of making elastane requires vast amounts of water and energy, and it is highly polluting. This, combined with the fact that the fibre doesn't biodegrade, places elastane firmly in category E on a scale from A to E where A is the most eco-friendly; in other words, on the VILDNIS blacklist.

Because elastane, also traded under the names Lycra and Spandex, provides the best performance for stretchy clothing such as skinny jeans and bikinis, we sometimes have to compromise with our values in order to achieve a flattering fit and/or to retain the shape of a garment. We only use elastane in fibre blends when we deem it absolutely necessary, and we continue to look for new alternatives on the market. 

Certification: N/A

Fibre ranking class: E

Properties: high-stretch performance, good freedom of movement, retain shape well, durable and crease resistant.