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Dear [insert name of your MP],

The planet is heating up fast, putting the lives of future generations at risk. For many young people in particular, this is deeply concerning.

But there is hope. We have the knowledge and tools we need to stop climate change. We just need to take action.

The fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries and a lot of it is down to the fibres and processes being used when producing the yarns & fabrics.

Last year, 4.2 billion items of clothing were sold in the UK. Out of those, the majority were made from the most polluting fibres: conventional cotton, generic viscose and virgin polyester despite eco-friendlier alternatives being widely available. How is this even possible at a time of climate emergency?

I am supporting a petition calling on the UK government to ban the most polluting fibres in fashion by 2025, and I would be grateful if you will discuss this with your colleagues in Parliament.

It is crystal clear that the fashion industry needs regulations fast. A ban is easy to implement and a four-year grace period will give both brands and fabric mills a reasonable time to switch to better alternatives.

The result? A significant reduction in carbon emissions, soil- and water-pollution.
An accelerated clean-up of the fashion industry. A tangible, positive impact on the planet.

Not only will this enable the UK government to make fast gains on it’s net-zero target and do something good for future generations, it also has the opportunity to take on the role as a world leader in the fight against climate change in time for hosting COP26.

As my MP, I would appreciate if you will support the petition to ban the most polluting fibres in the fashion industry, representing every adult and child in your constituency who is concerned about the impact our activities are having on the planet.

Thank you for your time.

Kind regards,
[insert your name]


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