VILDNIS works exclusively with small factories based in Portugal and India, where we aim to source materials locally and ship only occasional specialist fabrics from further afield.

You can view a map of our complete supply chain below:


IFM – manufacturer from Portugal

If you are wearing any of the jersey knit products, you can safely assume that they were sewn by locals of the green Braga region in northern Portugal.

When VILDNIS first launched, we decided to manufacture in one country only, enabling us to visit the factories more frequently and nurture our relationships with their staff. Portugal was our preferred choice because of its EU labour laws and minimum wages exceed living wages, plus we saw first-hand that the workers are treated well. Portuguese factories also have an unrivalled reputation for quality, and its short distance from the UK means we can further reduce our carbon imprint by transporting goods by road instead of air.

Initially, we worked with three small family-run businesses in the Braga region. However, soon our small start-up quantities proved unviable for two of those factories, so today we work with just one manufacturer in Portugal called IFM. IFM is a small factory run by four brothers, who recognise the importance of sustainable production and share our passion for experimenting with new eco-friendly fabrics and processes. IFM are currently seeking SEDEX certification, and have already passed two SMETA audits.

IFM also follows the Ethical Trading Initiatives base code and has passed our own rigorous internal audit. All workers are paid above the national minimum wage and living wage. Although most are somewhat camera shy (as shown below), we can guarantee that this is a workplace full of laughter.

I made your clothes - VILDNIS ethical supply chain

Workers at the sewing line at IFM.


Anish India Exports (AIE) – manufacturer from India

In the autumn of 2017, we were personally introduced to Anish, a manufacturer in India, by a trusted industry friend. Anish owns a small factory called Anish India Exports in the industrial area of Delhi. Not only is he happy to accommodate our smaller quantities, he also echoes our emphasis on sustainability and offers a variety of eco-friendly materials and processes. As an example, Anish has invested in the E-flow and G2 technology from Jeanologia to reduce water and energy consumption, as well as a H2Zero machine to recycle water, a nano laser printing machine and 3D software for virtual fitting of garments. AIE is also Sedex and SA8000 certified, which means their working conditions are held to the highest of standards.

We have met with Anish several times and visited the factory, and we love that we share a common purpose in changing the practices in the fashion industry. While we may not be able to visit our friends at AIE as frequently as those in Portugal, we keep in close touch via WhatsApp and maintain a strong relationship.

India has a fantastic reputation for making woven products in particular, and we are very pleased with our decision to order all our woven organic cotton, denim and chiffon fabrics through AIE. Below are pictures of the actual (and wonderful) people who made the woven part of our collection.

I made your clothes - VILDNIS ethical supplier in India
Workers at AIE. The factory is aiming at getting to a 50/50 ratio between men and women, and encourages women to take leadership positions.
I made your clothes - VILDNIS ethical supplier in India
Workers at AIE. The sustainable laundry is run entirely by women. 
I made your clothes - VILDNIS ethical supplier in India
Worker from AIE's embroidery department. 
I made your clothes - VILDNIS ethical supplier in India
Worker from the sewing line at the oldest factory (AIE has three premises).
I made your clothes - VILDNIS ethical supplier in India
Worker from the sampling/small production line. 
I made your clothes - VILDNIS ethical supplier in India
Workers from the trimming department, checking for lose threads and faults.
I made your clothes - VILDNIS ethical supplier in India
Our Founder Ulla together with two of the women in the merchandising team.