We love fashion and we love all the wild and wonderful natural places across the world.

Unfortunately, fashion is often produced at the cost of the planet. The fashion industry is one of the top five most polluting industries in the world, depleting natural resources and a big contributor to the climate crisis.

At VILDNIS, we’re united in our mission to make sustainable fashion the norm. We’ve already broken up with the use of toxic chemicals, vast overuse of critical resources such as water and exploitation of workers, and we invite other fashion brands to join us in pursuit of a more cleaner and kinder industry now - not by 2030.

That way we can continue to enjoy our love of great style, while swimming in clean oceans, skiing in snow-capped mountains and taking in the fresh air of lush, wild rainforests.

Fashion leaders when it comes to environmentally-friendly materials and innovative processes, we are committed to making fellow brands and fashion consumers fall head over heels in love with sustainable fashion.

It’s goodbye to outdated misconceptions about ethical and eco-friendly clothing being boring, beige, hippie or expensive. With every collection we are proving that sustainable fashion can be sexy, edgy, audacious and offer true value.

Can our love of fashion ever be truly sustainable? Not entirely. To live a truly sustainable lifestyle, we would only buy new clothes when the old ones are worn out. We would also only holiday locally rather than venturing to distant corners of the world. But we don’t believe it’s necessary to sacrifice every pleasure in life.

Instead, the VILDNIS philosophy is to reset the balance by enjoying the things we love in the most responsible way possible. We reduce our wardrobe turnover to a reasonable level. We are mindful about how many flights we take. Whenever we have a choice, we always choose the option that is best for the environment, for other people and for animals.

Which is precisely why we created VILDNIS: to give you a choice too!
Now you (and we) can shop fashion with a clean conscience.