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As fashion-lovers, one of our favourite activities is shopping. Whether creating outfits in-store, exploring new looks online or window shopping on Instagram, the discovery of cool, cosmopolitan, boundary-pushing fashion ignites our soul.

What better way to wear our favourite looks than with a whirl around the globe? Next to shopping, our biggest guilty pleasure is travelling. While urban holidays are great for new inspiration (and swapping viewpoints with the locals), our favourite destinations take us beyond the skyrisers to rolling countryside hills, untouched beaches, lush orangutan-inhabited rainforests or sprawling mountain ranges.

Is our trend-hungry shopping and jet-setting behaviour truly sustainable? Not entirely. To be truly sustainable, we would only buy new clothes when the old ones are worn out, and holiday locally rather than venturing to distant corners of the world. But that’s a sacrifice we simply don’t believe in.

Instead, the VILDNIS philosophy is to reset the balance by enjoying the things we love in the most responsible manner possible. We are mindful about how many long-haul flights we take. We reduce our wardrobe turnover to a reasonable level. We always choose the option that is best for the environment and for other people. Which is precisely why we created VILDNIS: to give you a choice too! Now you (and we) can continue to shop with a clear conscience.