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Polyurethane Ultrafabrics®

The environmentally-damaging impacts of leather production are long-winded, from the killing of animals, to the high emissions of greenhouse gases during production, to the health and environment-harming effects of the chemicals used in tanning and dyeing. Still, leather packs undeniable punch for its unique ability to add texture, shine and serious sass to any outfit. That's why we at VILDNIS were determined to source an ethical and environmentally friendly alternative; a guilt-free faux fix that's chock full of leather's signature swag.

While exciting new manufacturing developments are underway - look out for leather made using byproducts of mushrooms and pineapple on the runways and pavements of tomorrow - one of the most eco-friendly alternative available right now is Ultrafabrics® polyurethane (PU) blend.

An oil-based fabric using 100% polyurethane with the backing of 65% polyester and 35% rayon, Ultrafabric's manufacturing is free from toxic byproducts and is made up of a series of chemical reactions using 99% recapturable and recyclable solvents. The resulting product is free from all of the following: triclocarban, triclosan, bisphenol A, conflict minerals, flame retardants, heavy metal stabilisers, plasticizer phthalates, persistent organic pollutants and polyvinyl chloride.

And it's as kind to your body as it is to your conscience, with a unique ventilation system that optimises fabric breathability.
Ultrafabrics® PU is GREENGUARD® certified, which is a globally-recognised award for safe clothing produced with low chemical emissions.

Certification: GREENGUARD®

Fibre ranking class: unclassified

Properties: soft, durable, breathable, flexible, lasting colour vibrancy

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