Product guide - VILDNIS



All our products are made in the charming and verdant Braga region of Portugal, across three small factories run by people who are as passionate about revolutionising the fashion industry as we are. We share common values of innovation, sustainability in materials and processes, and caring for the people working in the industry.

As Portugal must adhere to high EU standards, we already have assurance that our factories maintain excellent working conditions and pay fair wages. However, we also carry out annual factory audits to check that everything is in order and suggest ways for the factories to continually improve.

Portugal’s short distance from the UK also means we can minimise our carbon imprint by transporting all goods by road.


We want our products to become your wardrobe favourites for years to come. Another good reason for making Portugal our country of choice for manufacturing is the country’s long-standing tradition of garment production.  

Portugal is renowned for its workmanship and attention to detail, which marries perfectly with our desire to deliver the highest quality and seriously stylish products to you.

Most of the fabrics we use are made locally in Portugal or sourced within Europe. You can read more about our fabrics here

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