Merino wool is a very soft, fine fibre that comes from a special breed of sheep called the Merino. A natural fibre, it is known for its excellent temperature-regulating and moisture-wicking properties. But its production is not without controversies.

Merino sheep are bred to produce as much wool as possible – between 3-18kg of wool per year, depending on the sheep’s size – and require shearing at least once a year to prevent overheating.
To protect their flocks and their wool output, some sheep farms in Australia and New Zealand use a controversial practice called mulesing to prevent potentially fatal ‘fly strikes’. The process involves stripping skin from sheeps’ backsides to replace excrement-retaining wool with scar tissue, which is less likely to attract flies. We believe mulesing is a form of animal cruelty and strongly disagree with the practice.

At VILDNIS, we choose to use recycled merino wool to reduce over-farming of sheep and the inhumane practices that often entails. Wool remains fully biodegradable at the end of its lifecycle, making it a highly economical and environmentally-friendly source of fabric when treated and cared for as the valuable resource we know it to be.

Recycling merino wool also reduces the environmental impact of newly shorn wool, which requires vast amounts of water and detergents to cleanse the fibres before the additionally high-consumption processes of picking, carding, roving and spinning.

While conventional wool is ranked E on’s environmental benchmark for fibres (the lowest possible ranking), VILDNIS is proud to use A-ranking 100% recycled merino wool from Italy within our collections. The fibres from former yarns, fabrics and garments are simply deconstructed, re-carded and spun into new yarns, and coloured with Oekotex certified dyes.

When you choose recycled wool products, you also help to reduce the inhumane processes and wasteful consumption common in large-scale wool production.

Certification: Global Recycled Standard (GRS), Bluesign and Oekotex

Fibre ranking class: A

Properties: soft, durable, temperature regulating, moisture control, anti-bacterial, warm