Seacell fabric is the product of a sustainable production method and the unique ecosystem of Icelandic waters. It is made by mixing crushed seaweed with Lyocell – a fibre derived from wood pulp.

While seacell clothing offers protection from the cold and environment, it also offers more subtle skin protection thanks to its uniquely high antioxidant content. Creating a clever marriage of fashion and science, the minerals and vitamins the fabric absorbs during production helps to prevent free radical damage in skin cells. Pretty cool, eh?

The environment also benefits from seacell production. Like Lyocell, seacell uses an award-winning and energy efficient closed-loop system to reuse water and chemicals. The final product contains 4-5% seaweed, complete with algae's beneficial mineral and vitamin properties. Plus, its biodegradable structure makes it far kinder to the environment when your well-loved clothes are ready to retire.

Trademark: Seacell™ 

Fibre ranking class: B

Properties: silky soft feel, absorbent, comfortable to wear against the skin.

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