Setting a new norm in sustainable fashion - VILDNIS



We love fashion and we love all the beautiful places on the planet.

Unfortunately, these two great loves appear to be incompatible. The fashion industry is the third most polluting industry in the world, vastly overusing critical natural resources.

At VILDNIS, we’re united in our mission to replace the unsustainable practices in the fashion industry with a more responsible (yet equally stylish) new norm. That way we can continue to enjoy our love of great style, and also enjoy swimming in clean oceans and taking in the fresh air of flourishing rainforests. Oh, and we’ll make sure everyone involved in transforming the VILDNIS vision into your new favourite outfit is respected and treated fairly.   

It’s time to turn outdated perception on its head and prove that you can love fashion and love the planet. With environmentally friendly methods at our fingertips, it’s our responsibility to make fellow brands and consumers fall in love with the end product of sustainable fashion. It’s out with adjectives like ‘boring’, ‘beige’, ‘expensive’ and ‘hippie’. And in with the ‘contemporary’, accessible’, ‘edgy’ and ‘audacious’.

In fact, there’s one more word we can’t ignore as we introduce you to VILDNIS. Our very name, translated to ‘wilderness’ or ‘wildness’ from Danish, reflects both our connection with nature and our untamed style – always considered, never too polished.

In the spirit of being a little wild and inspiring change by challenging convention, the VILDNIS revolution is to create new demand for ethical and environmentally friendly fashion by redefining the market. By adopting the smartest and truly responsible practices while delivering daring, modern collections, we will take sustainable fashion from buzzword to status quo.

And in the process, it’s you – our customer – who will change the world one outfit at a time.