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TENCEL TM / lyocell

Tencel (lyocell) is a cellulose fibre derived from eucalyptus wood. It is similar to viscose in the way it is made, but uses a more sustainable method of breaking down wood pulp by reusing chemicals and water instead of releasing them into ground water. This innovative closed-loop system makes Tencel (lyocell) a much more environmentally friendly alternative to viscose.

The trees used for Tencel production are sustainably grown. Learn more about the fibre here. Lenzing, the company producing Tencel, has been awarded both the European Award for the Environment and the Oekotex Sustainability Award.

Certification:  Tencel is a trademark of the lyocell fibre. There is no certification as such – the trademark offers peace of mind in itself that the production is sustainable.

Fibre ranking class: B

Properties: silky and soft to touch, absorbent, cool on skin

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